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American Degrees Online is your easy comparison site for learning about getting your American Degree online. People from all over the world know that an American university degree can greatly improve their opportunities for a better job, and a better life. Many colleges and universities in the US now offer what is often called a “life experience degree.” This means that even though you may not have a traditional university degree, you may submit your valuable life experience (including work experience, trainings and courses taken, volunteer jobs, military training, and home study) toward earning an online degree.

Getting an American degree online can help people from all countries, professions and walks of life validate their real life experience and accomplishments. To help you get through the maze of confusing information, we have collected information on the top colleges and universities offering American degrees online, for your easy reference. Included in the chart, you will find the online degree programs offered at the various institutions, as well as consumer ratings and comments, information on important privacy, security and refund policies, and other useful information for any person pursing an American degree online. Take your first step toward a better future by visiting the online degrees comparison chart.


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